U.S. Military On Track For Renewable Energy Goals

Local community gets clean water thanks to BHGWhile Europeans are working to get to a goal of using 27% renewable energy by 2030, the U.S. military has made a goal of using 25% renewables, but they plan to meet that goal by 2025.

The Pentagon, which controls military operations centrally, has 2.3 billion square feet of space on buildings that it controls where it can harvest solar energy.  These buildings can all be tapped to power military installations without the need for a traditional power grid.

The military does not want to poke fun at the Europeans, but it does want to make use of all the space that it has at its disposal.  By using power-purchase agreements, the military is going to be able to get private financing for these projects and get them built very quickly to help meet their targets.  If the program goes over well, the entire U.S. military will be energy-independent very soon.