Manufacturers Should Be Zeroing In On Energy Efficiency

electronic manufacturingThe manufacturing industry is a the one place where energy efficiency is most in need of implementation.  While energy efficiency is a primary concern of those who are working on “green” initiatives, manufacturing companies are seen to use the most energy and waste the most energy at the same time.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers are seen as the best targets of energy efficiency programs as they are small enough that they can make changes to their processes without causing a major upheaval in their business.  Energy efficiency programs have a hard time reaching businesses because each business needs to see a reason why they must make changes.  Also, companies want to see the profit in their changes before they begin making alterations to their manufacturing lines that could cost them millions of dollars.

Although a business can readily tell how much cost would be associated with rolling out a green initiative, it can be difficult for a business to quantify the potential savings they would capture from lower electricity bills brought about because of the increased energy efficiency.

In the fight the make manufacturing as energy efficient as possible, it is imperative that relationships be built with companies who can learn how to make changes and keep their business solvent.