California Efficiency Still Missing The Mark

california electricity meterWith energy efficiency programs running all over the state of California, there have been improvements in energy conservation, but that does not mean that all is well on the state’s energy grid.

The state offers a great many alternative energy options, but these options have not yet filled the void in energy needs that are sweeping over a state that is rapidly growing.  In fact, California has much more to do to make sure it can secure its energy grid long into the future.

The Home Upgrade Program allows for homes to be made more energy efficient, but the changes in homes do not always meet the mark without conservation efforts going on at the same time.  Moreover, the programs in California are limited by public laws designed to keep them from overriding each other.

While the state has done much to help with energy reform, this is only the beginning if the state wants to have a solid and stable energy grid in the future.